Green Roads – CBD Terpenes – Blueberry OG Formula Daily Dose Syringe 1ml – No THC

Green Roads – CBD Terpenes – Blueberry OG Formula Daily Dose Syringe 1ml – No THC


The CBD + Blueberry OG Terpenes Daily Dose is a pre-filled dropper loaded with 1 ML of our Blueberry OG Terpenes formula. Perfect for on-the-go use, this is the best way to make sure you never miss your daily dose of CBD. This non-intoxicating, non-addictive CBD oil is an excellent addition to your daily wellness routine. 

Our CBD + Flavored OG Terpenes Daily Dose Oils are available in three different flavors: Strawberry AK, Pineapple Express, or Blueberry OG

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CBD Terpenes – Blueberry OG Formula Daily Dose Syringe <0.0mg THC

(Sublingual + Vapeable)


The CBD + Blueberry OG Terpenes Daily Dose is a pre-filled dropper loaded with 1 ML of our Blueberry OG Terpenes formula.   Terpenes are natural compounds responsible for the enchanting aroma of fruits, flowers, and herbs. Green Roads CBD Terpenes combine our signature hemp-derived, broad-spectrum CBD oil with natural terpenes to create flavors like Strawberry AK, Pineapple Express, or Blueberry OG.  Terpenes may also create an “entourage effect” that helps your body process CBD in a more natural way.  Our pre-filled droppers are the perfect on-the-go product for busy people.

What Are CBD Terpenes?

CBD Terpenes are the natural compounds found in hemp plants that are responsible for the plant’s color, smell, and flavor. CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound found naturally in hemp plants. By infusing our supportive CBD oils with terpenes, we take advantage of the ‘entourage effect,’ a synergy of multiple natural compounds that let humans process CBD in a more natural way.

There are over 100 different terpenes in the cannabis plant, and every strain tends toward a unique terpene type and composition. Each individual terpene promotes its own set of unique effects. Some promote relaxation and stress-relief, while others focus and acuity. Linalool, one of the most common terpenes found in the hemp plant, is thought to have a calming effect on nerves. Humulene, however, acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory agent.

Benefits of Terpenes

Below is a list of three most common terpenes found in the hemp plant and their benefits:

  • Myrcene: Myrcene has a musky, earthy taste and contains fruit flavors of red grape and balsamic. Myrcene acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that relaxes muscles and acts as a sedative.
  • Limonene: Limonene has a citrus aroma, the benefits range from stimulating weight loss to helping manage normal stress. Furthermore, it may improve digestive issues through its potent antibacterial and antifungal effects. 
  • Terpineol: If you like the taste of cloves and pine, then you will enjoy terpineol. Terpineol acts as an antioxidant, which means it helps clean the body of toxins and restores it to good health.

The Process Behind Our CBD Terpenes

Our flavored CBD terpenes oil is formulated by our board-certified pharmacist, who has over twenty-five years of experience. All of our products are based in vegetable-derived glycerin and put through extensive third-party lab testing to ensure we provide you with the quality you deserve.

To ensure the highest quality products, Green Roads uses hemp from hand-selected farms across the U.S., including Kentucky, Colorado, Oregon, California, and Nevada. The CBD utilized in Green Roads products is obtained using cutting-edge extraction methods. All Green Roads finished products are also tested for pesticides, solvents, and metals.

How Is Green Roads’ CBD Oil Made?
Green Roads’ CBD oil is made using the company’s rigorous quality control methods. Like every Green Roads CBD product, it’s formulated by a licensed compound pharmacist with over 25 years of experience. Green Roads’ raw materials are extracted using cutting edge methods. The final products are sent to a third-party lab for testing to ensure what’s on the label matches precisely to what’s in the bottle.

Why Choose Green Roads?
Choose Green Roads because we are pharmacist founded, and our products are pharmacist formulated. Our CBD comes from hand-selected American hemp farms. Our raw materials are sourced from facilities that use sophisticated extraction technologies. We conduct careful tests for pesticides, microbials, heavy metals, and more to make sure our products are made with quality ingredients. Our proprietary formulation process turns these ingredients into the highest quality CBD products. All of our finished products are tested by external labs, and when you grab any product you can scan the QR code on the label to review the resulting lab sheet.

Our CBD starts as hemp grown on American farms that use the highest standards in their cultivation processes. The hemp then goes to extraction facilities that use cutting-edge methods to yield rich, broad-spectrum oils and isolates. To ensure purity, Green Roads tests these raw materials for heavy metals, pesticides, microbials, solvents, and more. Then our pharmacist and co-founder’s proprietary formulations turn these ingredients into products worthy of our brand. However, before any batch is permitted to hit the shelves, it’s sent to an external lab, and the results of those third-party tests are made available to everyone via a QR code on the packaging.

We look forward to helping you discover what CBD can do for you.

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